G-2 Panniers

A Major Step Forward in Bike Pannier Attachment 

Introduction to G-2 bicycle panniers.

G-2 is an innovative, easy-to-use clip-on bicycle pannier system that does not require a dedicated rear rack/luggage carrier. Instead G-2 panniers attach to an existing rack, utilising a simple two-point connection mechanism.

• Quick clip-on system
• Easy 2-point connection
• Firm, secure attachment
• Fits a wide range of rear racks

G-2 is a universal attachment system adopted by pannier brands that have partnered to offer G-2 products. The pannier is supplied with an adjustable rack Adaptor Kit and sizing pads that you retrofit to your rack to make it G-2 compatible.

Advantages of G-2 Panniers

G-2 panniers utilise a clip-on system that allow panniers to be quickly and easily attached or detached.

A simple snap-in 2-point connection makes G-2 panniers simpler to attach than other (typically 3-point) clip-on panniers.

As G-2 panniers retrofit to rear touring racks, they save you money as there is no need to purchase a dedicated rack.

If you don't already own a suitable rack, you're free to choose one from a variety of brands. And, if you own two bikes that are equipped with different racks, most likely you can use your G-2 panniers on either.

G-2 ensures the firm and secure attachment of your panniers to your rack.


Rack Compatibility 

G-2 panniers fit a wide range of frame-mounted touring racks with a rail or leg diameter range of 9–14 mm (0.35–0.55").

Brands Currently Offering G-2 Panniers 



I already have a rear rack; can I attach G-2 panniers?
Yes, unlike some other clip-on systems, G-2 panniers do not require a dedicated rack (luggage carrier). G-2 panniers are supplied with the IB-QB4 adjustable adaptor kit and sizing pads that allow them to be attached to most touring racks.

Are all rear racks compatible with G-2 panniers?
Not all, but a wide range are compatible. The rack you use must be a frame-mounted, touring-style rack designed to carry panniers (see example) – NOT a seatpost-mounted rack (see example). It must have a rail or leg diameter range of 9–14 mm (0.35–0.55").

If I use G-2 panniers, can I still attach a trunk (top) bag?
Yes, you can strap on any bag of suitable size, and if you have a carrier that accepts a clip-on bag, such as Ibera PakRak or MIK, you can use those bags. However, attaching the adaptor to the cargo tray prevents the use of clip-on trunk bags in combination with panniers. To use a clip-on trunk bag in combination with panniers you must attach the adaptor to carrier legs or a horizontal rail on the side of carrier.

How do I use G-2 panniers?
To use G-2 panniers you must first install the IB-QB4 Adaptor Kit (supplied with pannier) to your rear rack. To install, follow these Instructions. You can also watch this Installation Video.

Is the IB-QB4 Adaptor Kit available separately–I have two bikes but I don't want to buy two sets of panniers?
Yes, the Adaptor Kit is available for separate purchase: Model IB-QB4. Each bike just needs an adaptor, then you can swap the panniers between them.

Who developed the G-2 system?
The G-2 system was developed by Ibera, a company that brings over 15 years of experience manufacturing bike racks and bags to the G-2 project, in particular with PakRak, the company's proprietary carrier–bag clip-on system and as co-developer of the MIK bike luggage system–more than 5 million units have been sold.

What does 'G-2' stand for?
G-2 stands for Generation Two, denoting Ibera's 2nd generation of clip-on panniers. The 1st generation is known as PakRak panniers