PakPak Radtour Gepäckträger (mit Schutzblech) IB-RA15

  • Ibera Adjustable, Multi-fit Rear Rack with splash guard for non-disk frames.

PakPak Radtour Gepäckträger (mit Schutzblech) IB-RA15

  • For non-disk brake bikes. Frame-mounted rear rack for heavier top & side loads.

    • Quick clip-on bag mount
    • Built-in splash guard
    • Adjustable, for 26"–29" frames

    Features Splash guard keeps water & dirt away, Mount PakRak bags together with PakRak panniers, Carries up to 25 kg (55 lb), Reflector or taillight attachable.

    Material Durable TIG-welded, heat-treated aluminium.

    Bike Compatibility Adjustable to fit most 26"–29" non-disk brake bicycle frames.

    Bag Compatibility (1) PakRak Commuter Bags. (2) Strap-attached trunk bags. (3) PakRak Panniers.* (4) G-2 Panniers. (5) Hook and strap attached panniers.*

    *Compatible with carrier but not when used in combination with trunk bags.

     For more information see instructions.

    Warning: Do not attach a child/baby seat to carrier. Do not carry people on carrier.