Leichter Mehrzweckständer IB-ST2

  • Easy Utility Stand IB-ST2 main image
Easy Utility Stand IB-ST2 main image Easy Utility Stand in action image Easy Utility Stand mounts to chainstays image Easy Utility Stand adjustable width image Easy Utility Stand adjustable angle mounts image Easy Utility Stand holding rings supplied image

Leichter Mehrzweckständer IB-ST2

  • Fully adjustable, foldable bicycle stand for light maintenance and repair work, parking or display. Attaches to bike chainstays.

    This economical, easy-to-use stand holds a bike's rear wheel off the ground. Great for the home mechanic–for adjusting drive train or brakes, cleaning, lubricating and other simple, light maintenance work. Ideal too for parking or storing your bike. Cycle industry professionals can use it to display bikes in a store or at an exhibition. The Easy Utility Stand is compact when folded, and lightweight, it is ready to go with you when you need it.

    • Easy to use
    • Adjustable height
    • Adjustable width
    • Adjustable angle mounts
    • Non-scratch
    • Suitable for most bikes
    • Foldable for easy carriage or stowage

    Features  For light maintenance and repair work, parking or display. The stand is fully adjustable to fit most bikes, and easy to use. Cushioned chainstay mounts protect your bike frame. Supplied with rubber holding rings. Compact when folded–convenient to carry with you or for storage.

    Compatibility 20–29'' wheels (quick release or thru-axle). Chainstay Specifications: Maximum tube diameter 22 mm (0.87"). Width between tubes (measured inside to inside) 10 – 11 cm (4 – 4.3"). Do not use with very heavy bikes such as electric bikes and fat tyre bikes, or bikes with oversize or irregular shape (non-round) chainstays. May be incompatible with bikes with chainstay-mounted kickstands. [Max. Load 15 kg / 33 lb]. 

    Material Steel and nylon, with rubber-covered chainstay mounts.

    Warning Stand is designed to support a bicycle only–do not sit on bicycle while it is in the stand.

    For more product information, please see instructions.