Becherhalter CupClamp IB-CB1

  • CupClamp Cup Holder IB-CB1 Product image
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Becherhalter CupClamp IB-CB1

  • Handlebar-mounted cup holder.

    • Carries a range of portable lidded cups/tumblers
    • Holds cup securely
    • Ideal for outdoor or indoor cycling
    • E-bike compatible
    • Easy to install

    Adjustable size handlebar mount included.

    Compatibility Handlebar diameter: 22.2 – 31.8 mm. For tapered cups (minimum cup width 78 mm (3") diameter when measured at 20 mm (0.8") below the mouth of the cup. Not compatible with water bottles and drink cans.

    Material Polycarbonate. Attachment hardware included.

    CupClamp, not just for bicycles
    CupClamp may also be compatible with exercise bikes, baby strollers, etc. Attach to anything that has handlebars or some other kind of round bar with a diameter between 22.2–31.8 mm. NOT compatible with motorised vehicles.

    For more information see instructions.