For users of Ibera's Adjustable Phone Holder IB-PB26.
(Sometimes known as Multi Phone Holder.)

This phone holder is designed to hold a range of phones, but not all phones. Many new phones are equipped with protruding lenses. This adds to the thickness or depth (D) of the phone and alters its overall shape. Even if these phones do conform to Ibera's phone size specifications, they may not fit securely in the phone holder, risking damage to phones if they fall out.

There are two basic steps to avoid problems:

1. Your phone must conform to the phone holder's minimum and maximum size limits. See below.

Phone Size (Min. – Max.)
H: 140 mm – 165 mm (5.6" – 6.5")
W: 70 mm – 80 mm (2.75” – 3.15")
D: 7 mm – 9.7 mm (0.28" – 0.38") –including any protruding lenses.

2. You must use the case correctly. Note, our instructions for using the holder have changed to accommodate newer phones with protruding lenses. In short, we now recommend all phones are placed in the holder top end first. See Instructions below.

Using Case Instructions
1. Remove phone case. Fit the top of phone (lens end up, facing forward) in upper holder clasps.
2. Holding phone firmly with one hand, pull lower spring-loaded arm downward to fit phone into lower holder clasps.
3. Release lower arm to close and secure phone in holder. Ensure phone is inserted firmly inside all 4 clasps of the holder.

Although we provide minimum and maximum dimensions for phones, we cannot guarantee phone fit, and consumers are responsible for ensuring compatibility, and that the phone is mounted in the holder correctly.

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